Products & Services

General Nuclear serves a variety of industries; mainly Power Generation (Commercial and Naval Nuclear), Energy, Valve, and other specialized industries. Our major product experience includes:

  • Hydraulically Operated Gate Valves-Individual parts and Internal Kits for 4" through 24" valves
  • Swing Check Valves-Complete Internals for 3" through 14" valves (qualified for the 3" valve complete through warranty).
  • Manually Operated Valves-Complete internals for 1 / 2 " through 5" valves (qualified for the 1 / 2 " valve complete through warranty).
  • Vented Cap Assemblies-Numerous types and sizes, includes hydrostatic testing.
  • Fasteners- Specialized precision machined socket or hex capscrews, bolts, studs, and nuts in sizes from No. 10 to 13 3/4" thread diameter to 80" lengths. Manufactured per specifications MIL-S-1222, MIL-DTL-24287, MIL-DTL-24354
  • Federal Handbook H-28 and System 22 thread inspection.
  • Metallic Seal Rings- Canopy Cee, Bevel and Omega type rings for hermetic seal welding. Sizes are plastic-contour formed to 24" diameter and forged to 36" diameter.

Testing - General Nuclear has qualified and is approved to perform Magnetic Particle, Alloy Identity, and Liquid penetrant testing per the following standards and specifications:

  • Various military standards.
  • ASME B & PV Code , Section V and IX

Currently, GNC does not perform Ultrasonic or Radiographic Testing. GNC subcontracts the performance of these inspections to Industrial Testing Laboratory Services (ITLS).

Manufacturing Support- General Nuclear's experienced technical and production personnel take great pride in providing the most critical components manufactured to exacting specifications. Listed below are some support services which aide in providing you with these components.

Material Control- All materials are secured, fully certified, and traceable to applicable standards/specifications.

Honing-Precision metal removal and polishing.

Presses-Plastic contour forming for seal rings, locking cups and other drawn parts as well as punch presses and precision stampings.

Welding-GTAW, SMAW- Oxy-Acetylene, Brazing, Soldering and Hardfacing. Weld shop is equipped with heat treat furnace and several positioners.

Cleaning/Packaging/Packing- General Nuclear provides control of detrimental materials. Various approved cleaning methods are employed, including ultrasonic, to provide you with the final cleaned components which comply with applicable military standards. Our packaging and packing provides for maintaining the cleanliness of your parts as well as protection from possible in-transit damage. General Nuclear complies with MIL-STD-129 and MIL-DTL-23199 requirements.

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